Rockers and Actors – Musicians in TV

In an age where there are tons of direct tv services and satellite radio companies and, yes, the iPod, it’s easy to forget a time when there wasn’t any of that. Back then, though, that didn’t stop rockers from finding their way into your home through mediums beside record and 8-track sales. Many of them had their own TV shows and movies that promoted their work as well.

The Partridge Family
Where the heck do you think David Cassidy came from? This very entertaining and self-aware program focused on a widowed mother and her children as they traveled the country seeking gigs, working on new material and growing closer. Pretty schmaltzy, but it had some great tunes.

The Monkees
The Monkees were stars of their own sitcom during the height of their popularity and their crossover from the UK to the US music scene. A little zany and a lot entertaining, the Monkees performed humorous skits while incorporating some of their best music.

The Beatles
The Beatles never had a TV show, but they did have a few movies including an animated feature – Yellow Submarine. The focus of all of these films was entirely on the music. Sure, there was a forgettable plot, but anyone watching these films came to hear the Beatles sing.

Worst Rock And Roll Bands Of All Time

Worst Rock And Roll Bands Of All Time

Drawing The Fine Line Between What Is Good And What Is Bad
When you hear a strong voice, your breath is taken away or you are deeply moved. This is the case with singers like Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, The Ronettes and Arthur Lee. However, why is that we can so clearly distinguish between a good and bad voice? Sometimes, it is just a slight variable that Continue reading

Riots, Rebellion And Rock And Roll

Riots, Rebellion And Rock And Roll

The History of Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll emerged from the culture of the 1950s. This was a very polemic time in America. On the one hand, you have baby boomers and middle-class members of society. These people lived very conservatively and did not take risks. On the other hand, you had rebels, artists, biker gangs and Hollywood movies that depicted this darker side of America. Rock n Continue reading

Best Rock Bands Of All Time

Although the roots of rock and roll stretch far back in time and include many brilliant musicians who were never recorded, the list below is intended to highlight a few key artists who laid the groundwork for what is considered great rock and roll.

Link Wray and his Ray Men

Most likely the first documented use of hair and hell-raising guitar distortion in the history of music, Link Wray’s song “Rumble,” released in 1958, has the privilege of being one of the few Continue reading

The Social Impact Of Rock And Roll Today

Today the rock and roll music genre has become more or less obsolete. In the place of rock and roll is pop music generated from the multiple and ubiquitous reality television shows and their stars. These television tie-ins give the music an additional superficial layer of meaning for fans, but leave those interested in a more artistic musical experience out in the cold. Largely gone are the days of the rock and roll artist creating controversy through vulgarity or shocking Continue reading

Effects Of Rock And Roll In The 1950s

The Fabulous Rock And Roll Of the 1950′s
Elvis Presley is often credited with introducing Rock and Roll. This overlooks many musicians, singers and bands of the early 1950′s like Ruth Brown, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Guy Mitchell and Bill Haley. The effects of early Rock and Roll in the 1950′s spawned the early British “skiffle” and developed into the world renowned Beatles and Rolling Stones sounds. From there, Rock and Roll became an inherent part of the world of music.

How The Blues Overlapped To Rock Continue reading

Censorship In Rock And Roll Music

Since it “began” in the 1950s, people have been afraid of rock and roll. It’s not just what rock represents, it is the way that it sounds. Fast, chaotic and “dangerous”, rock and roll represented an uncontrolled “underbelly” that scared those who did not understand the music. This isn’t a new thing; this fear of new and “different” music has been around since the Middle Ages when the church spoke out against certain chords that were used in minstrel and classical music. Because Continue reading

How Rock And Roll All Began

Rock and roll music came to popularity after World War 2. It too a bit of its influences from many of the other popular genres at the time. Gospel, jazz, blues, country and even swing.

The reason rock took off after the war was because many of the larger jazz bands had broken up as their members served and died. The survivors formed smaller bands and used some of the new electronic sounds that were coming out. This allowed for a new sound Continue reading

Ways To Incorporate Rock Into Your Wedding

Most people who get married choose romantic and slow songs to play during their receptions. This can set a loving tone, but weddings are supposed to be joyous celebrations. Rock music should be thrown into the music mix so that a true exciting and entertaining celebration can be had by all wedding guests. The bride and groom should sit down and choose rock tunes together, for the most personalized wedding music selections.

There are hundreds of upbeat and happy rock Continue reading